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Comparison of Outbound Services
site print server locations delivery regions send options bw price (p=pence; pp=per page; ppp=pence per page) color price payment options notes
Bluemail Central 70 countries (see map on home page) worldwide printer driver (proprietary, Windows only; mac under development; linux planned for future) 0.00-2.82 usd (varies w/ location See price calculator on homepage) varies w/ location) See price calculator on homepage major credit cards and paypal Supports mailmerge from any application.
Business Post UK printer driver; web 34-51p
CFH DocMail UK web (Word) 25p + vat 32p + vat
ESCargo worldwide webform 1 euro n/a Paypal only. top-up fee 0.50, in amounts of 5, 10, or 20.
eSnailer USPS webform (wysiwyg) No charge (paid by ads) No charge (paid by ads) option to pay to remove ads website broken (validate address function generates error, preventing submission of letters)
EZGram US worldwide webform w/ optional PDF attachment 1 usd + 0.10pp add 50 cents per page credit card or paypal; a la carte payments (no need to top up) courier upgrades: USPS priority, UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Air Saver, or UPS 2nd Day Air
TNT Post UK UK 42p + vat B2B bulk arrangements only; not designed for home users.
L-Mail 22 countries see map on home page webform, pdf, email 0.97 - 1.39 usd (varies w/ location; 3 pg. max). $1.48 surcharge applies for a one-off letter w/out funding an account Visa Purchasing, Visa and Mastercard credit cards and JCB, Switch, Solo and Visa Debit cards Audio letter and braille also available. Company is registered in Australia. Option to pay for logo removal. Company uses open source software. Bugs: Some regions require address fields that are not used in the region.
Postal Methods US letters worldwide; postcards US only email (PDF or MSWord attachment), API US: $1.01 usd per letter; 0.88 usd for postcards. Intl: add ~1.32 usd Top-up from credit card in amounts no less than $10 (or so it seems from the webpage)
Postful US letters worldwide; postcards US only email (PDF attachment option) US: 0.99 usd + 0.25pp; 0.59 usd for postcards. Intl: 1.49 usd + 0.39pp Top-up from credit card in amounts no less than $0.99
UKMail iMail UK UK
UK Postbox UK Worldwide PDF 89p + Royal Mail postage cost + 20ppp 89p + Royal Mail postage cost + 20ppp Paypal, Visa, debit card
ViaPost UK UK only printer driver (proprietary) 27p+4ppp+ VAT 34p+8ppp+ VAT
Zumbox US US only webform (wysiwyg), PDF attachment No charge No charge Limitations: Only electronic delivery possible. PO boxes excluded; rural routes probably excluded; some legitimate addresses falsely report being invalid, even when the neighboring address works (perhaps they are banned recipients); YMMV